about me

Natalia Zizko is a participant, laureate and award-winner of numerous competitions and the author of publications in the international trade press. Natalia organizes workshops and shows around the world.



Natalia is an inspirational person for the floristry of Russia. For the first time the participant from Russia was crowned Europe’s florist champion. But the key thing about Natalia is her personality. Talented, strong-willed, charismatic. Vigorous. Beautiful. And the works of hers are the same and even more. Intensified with the word “extremely”: extremely beautiful, extremely talented, extremely charismatic. They unite fantasy and pinpoint accuracy, large scale and air, power and tenderness. If you thoroughly study her arrangements, you can understand Natalia. Or better observe the process of arranging at the workshop or at the show. And afterwards attempt to do that on your own, search for the secret of beauty, fall in love with floristry and come to understanding that there are no secrets. There is only indefatigable industry and talent. Watch and gain inspiration!

CV Zhizhko